Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the conference is postponed to a healthier time.





The Journées de Physique Mathématique de Lyon is an annual event in mathematical physics. This year's special edition is dedicated to Sylvie Paycha's amazing dynamic carreer, on the occasion of her sixtieth birthday. The broad theme of the conference, Analysis, Geometry and Mathematical Physics, is meant to underline the interdisciplinary aspect of Sylvie Paycha’s scientific works, by bringing together experts on the various subjects she worked on and on the recent openings of renormalisation methods to regularity structures in stochastic PDEs.


The Wiener process by ACHYAP

This conference will also comprise two important side events concerning the situation of women in science in general and in mathematics in particular:



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In the header: A portrait by ACHYAP of Cartwright’s theorem with its author in the background.
Under the introductory text: A portrait by ACHYAP of the Wiener process with its author in the background.

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